Performance Notes

The Kyiv Chamber Choir

Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 3:00 pm

This is the 654th concert in Koerner Hall


The Kyiv Chamber Choir

Mykola Hobdych, conductor




Ukrainian sacred music, written by some of the master composers from the Middle Ages and Baroque period until the present time, including M. Verbytsky, A. Vedel, K. Stetsenko, P. Turchaninov, and V. Sylvestrov.




Ukrainian folk songs, arranged by contemporary choral composers (including M. Skoryk, V. Zubytsky, H. Havrylets, M. Hobdych, and L. Bidak) and drawn from a choral tradition that goes back over 1,000 years.



The Kyiv Chamber Choir


Anna Dvorytska

Olena Galai

Nataliia Holub

Liudmyla Ianytska

Olena Svyshch



Viktoriia Okunieva

Liliia Omelchuk

Olena Tsygankova

Sofiia Turta          

Tetiana Zolotarevska



Maksym Busel                                                                                     

Andrii Litvinchuk                                                                 

Nazar Korniak                                                                                     

Maksym Kovalchuk

Yevhenii Nadolinskyi




Pavlo Aleksandrov

Oleksandr Dvirnyi

Serhii Kalnyi

Dmytro Shelkovyi

Pavlo Sych

Vadym Yatsenko



The Kyiv Chamber Choir                                                                         

The world-renowned Kyiv Chamber Choir (KCC) was formed by Mykola Hobdych in 1991.

                In the early years, the KCC developed its international reputation for choral excellence, winning Grand Prix awards in competitions with the best choirs in Europe.

                Under the leadership of Maestro Hobdych, KCC began to tour Europe and Britain extensively and became recognized as the foremost performer of great works from a Ukrainian choral tradition extending back over 1,000 years. Since 1991, the Kyiv Chamber Choir has performed more than 1,500 concerts.

                When the Choir is in Kyiv, Maestro Hobdych and KCC record as many Ukrainian compositions as can be produced and distributed. Since 1991, the Kyiv Chamber Choir has recorded 44 CDs and albums.

                Maestro Hobdych made it his mission to ensure that scores of great Ukrainian music – some of which had been banned for over 70 years during Soviet rule – were once again put on paper and available to conductors and music libraries throughout Ukraine. He created the largest digital music library in Ukraine and scores are distributed to conductors and schools at no charge.

                In addition to its command of Ukrainian choral repertoire, the Choir is internationally renowned for its unique presentations of traditional folk pieces that have been arranged and choreographed by talented contemporary composers.   

                After three popular cross-Canada concert tours, the Choir performed in both USA and Canada in 2011. This year, they return to again perform in Toronto’s Koerner Hall as well as in New York, Washington, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Hartford, Cleveland, and Rochester.   

                For North Americans of Ukrainian heritage, the KCC performs the best of the music they know and love,

with skill and passion that is unparalleled. For most other North Americans, Ukrainian choral music can be considered a ‘hidden treasure’ – great classical music that is still relatively unknown. The music of Ukraine is starting to become part of our ‘mainstream’ choral music and is attractive to conductors and choirs, once heard.

                A Kyiv Chamber Choir concert in North America is a rare opportunity for everyone who loves good choral music to enjoy one of its outstanding and memorable live performances. 


The Kyiv Chamber Choir performed in Koerner Hall on November 27, 2011, and this afternoon marks its Royal Conservatory debut.